Sprzedaż maszyn budowlanych

About the company

BRUK MAN was founded in 1998 year,being responsible for the demands of dynamicly developed building market and infrastruktural investment of capital.We are occupide with complex realization of road and engineering work. From the very beggining we stake on quality - our projects correspond to the highest level of professionalism, that confirm numerous of recommendations:

BRUK MAN is a fully Polish company, being directed by the same owner from the very beginning. At the present time we succeed in creating personnel of more than 80 people - such as engineers, skilled operators of machines, inspectors and building managers, planners and valuers, craftsmen, and also linear assistants and workers. All our staff has great knowledge, education and professional experience of many years, that confirm the highest quality of the work we have done.

We have the permission of European Union to supervise and build roads, runways, concrete grounds and light bridges.

We execute all the orders in good time, using the own machine park - over 20 cars and the equipment: excavators, loaders, crushers, road rollers, dumpers, stock selectors for brick stones, soil stabilizer, building cranes, all-terrain vehicles- we are ready for taking any orders.

If you are concerned with some problems, touching upon our work - please, connect with us.

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