Sprzedaż maszyn budowlanych

Fulfilled projects:

SOLE Sp. z o.o. the building of car park from ECO plates 1700 m² in area
STATOIL pulling down of commercial building in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.
SKANSKA Wroclaw- road building on investment „LG”  in Kobierzycy, in all ~ 1800 m
KROKUS  I Bronisze - rain sewage DN250,300,350 length 400 m with the ferroconcrete closed reservoir 80 m³ and the pump 2x6.4kW, and also maneuver ground for TIR 9300 m² with soil stabilization and road covering from sidewalk tile.
KROKUS II Macieżysz - rain sewage DN250,300 length 280m,sanitary sewage DN160,200 length 120m with ferroconcrete reservoir 20 m³, the building of roads and car parks 1300 m² in area from sidewalk tile.
PKP INTERCITY Sp. z o.o. platforms from the sidewalk tile 5452 m² in area borders 624 m
WILLA MAGDALENKA Magdalenka-stage I –road and sidewalk building on the territory of settlement from sidewalk tile (autumn colors) - by investor’s special order - 3600 m² in area.
AURA MAGDALENKI azy - rain sewage building DN250,300,350 length 380 m with the ferroconcrete closed reservoir 60 m³ ,fulfilment the project accounting the situation, road and sidewalk building 5800 m² in area
TRANS TOK - BRONISZE stage I and II - the building of sanitization sewage DN350,400 length 650m with the pump 2x4,7kW, - rain sewage DN350,400,500,600 with reservoir and pump 3x9,7kW, water supply system DN110,160 length 690 m, connection to the net and trenches with removai of the soil up to 1 km 1700 m³,- stage I - macrolevelling of the territory and soil stabilization with concrete 30kg/m²,thickness 35cm under the building plates of storehouses 14800 m² in area, the building of access road, car parks and maneuver grounds for TIRs on bases of soil stabilization and road covering from industrial sidewalk tile 18600 m² in area.
OLMONT Warsaw - melioration of the territory with the pump 2x4,5 kW, sanitization sewage DN350,400 length 650 m , rain sewage DN250,300,350,400 length450m, roads 2600m².
CANON Warsaw - sanitization sewage DN250 length 180m, rain sewage DN400 length 240m with reservoir 4000 litres and the delimiter, and also the building of maneuver ground for TIRs 4300 m² in area.
EUROPA PARK Mszczonów - rain sewage DN500,600,800,1000,1200 length 1680m, sanitization sewage DN300,350,400 length 1200m , water supply system DN160 length 1860m.
CONSTEEL Warsaw - Marsa Park - the building of roads and car parks 22500m² in area, reconstruction Bluszczowa str., and also widening of the road and driveway at Rekrucka str.
SWIETELSKY Sp. z o.o. linking-up of the water supply system and sewage to a building A1 with the agreement of local enterprise of water supply systems and sewages.
CORNER Brwinów -documentary preparation for the building of sewage nets with linking-up, and also the building of roads according to agreements, trenches with the removal of soil 6000m³ , access roads ~3800m², green zones ~3300m², water supply system DN300,500,600 length 680m, rain sewage DN300,500,600 length 1370m, sanitary sewage DN250,300,350 length 960 m.
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